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In the State of Florida, you are required to have auto insurance coverage for vehicles with four wheels or more. As something required by law it can seem a bit daunting–and when you go looking for insurance it can seem like a massive undertaking–but at Secured Insurance, an auto insurance agency, we can help get your vehicle covered.

At Secured Insurance you are family and we are dedicated to finding you auto insurance that is practical and relevant to you.

And as a family, we make sure that you are informed and understand the step-by-step search and construction of your auto insurance policy.

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Your auto insurance policy consists of several components known as coverages. Creating your auto insurance policy consist of mixing and matching these coverages and some of these coverages are required by Florida law. Here are some insurance coverages that you should know to better understand the product you will be receiving.

Required in Florida

Here are the coverages and their minimum coverage required by Florida law.

PIP- Personal Injury Protection

Florida is a No-Fault State, meaning that you are required to have Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, coverage for your vehicle insurance. Regardless of law, PIP is truly important coverage to have for you and anyone in your vehicle. It is meant to cover healthcare expenses that might come about due to a car accident, covering the expenses of both the policyholder–you–and any passengers at the time of an accident.

Florida law required a minimum of $10,000 in PIP coverage in your car insurance policy.

PDL – Property Damage Liability

Vehicles are some of the most expensive investments that someone can make and due to their nature they are always at risk of being damaged. Property Damage Liability, or PDL, takes care of covering any damages made to another person’s vehicle and property. This does not take care of the damage done to your vehicle or property.

Florida law requires a minimum of $10,000 in PDL coverage in your insurance policy.

BIL – Bodily Injury Liability

Of the coverages required by law, Bodily Injury Liability, or BIL, is the only one whose requirement is based on your driving record. Things like having a DUI would put you in the category of requiring BIL coverage. This also applies to those whose driver’s license has been suspended due to having an extreme amount of points on their record or participated in a car accident with injuries involved.

Avoid this requirement by being a safe and responsible driver!

Complimentary Coverages

Beyond the State required coverages, you can get additional coverage on your auto insurance policy. Here are just a couple of complimentary coverages that you can get on your auto insurance.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance covers the damage done to your vehicle if you are not at fault in an accident. This isn’t just in case of a car on car accident but also damage done through hitting potholes and inanimate objects. Practically covering things within your control and the event someone hits you.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Another add-on coverage that you can get for your insurance policy is Uninsured Motorist Coverage. This coverage gives you safety from any incidents with uninsured drivers or hit-and-run drivers. This is beneficial since an uninsured driver wouldn’t have PDL or BIL to cover any damages or injury you might attain from a collision with that driver.

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