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    Secured Insurance Agency prides itself on being a no-frills agency that serves Central Florida, not with fancy comedic commercials and marketing campaigns but with realistic, relevant, and reliable coverage.

    With over twenty years of insurance industry experience under
    our agent’s belts… we are well versed in the complex language of the insurance industry and translating it into simple and relevant service that provides you the coverage that best matches your needs.

    Specializing in auto, homeowners, life, and commercial insurance we can help with some of the most important aspects of your life and property. We give you comfort in being a knowledgeable and community-minded agency.

    Your home is probably the largest and most important investment you will ever make and with life being as unpredictable as it is you would want to protect that investment. From torrential hurricanes bringing wind and flood damage to accidental fires, anything can happen and the costs incurred could be great. As a professional homeowner insurance agency, we can find you reasonable and dependable home insurance coverage that will meet any of your needs and protect you from the potential financial burdens that such accidents might bring.

    In Florida, auto insurance is required by law but the process of finding the car insurance coverage you need tends to be a difficult and overwhelming task. As an auto insurance agency, we make the task of finding reliable auto insurance easier, sorting through the minutia and fluff, and getting the coverage you need. From the simplest need for complying with state law and acquiring a basic package or needing a more comprehensive form of coverage, we can help you.

    Life insurance is an investment in the futures of your loved ones. Everyone’s life is different so no one life insurance policy can take care of everyone’s needs. As experts in our field, we can find your life insurance that can reliably secure the specific, future financial needs of your loved ones. This can be stressful but as a life insurance agency and adjuster, we can help you navigate the myriad of coverage options and find you life insurance you can comfortably rely on.

    Insurance is the assurance of financial protection for one thing or another. Like your property, such as the new house you just purchased or that new four-door sedan you bought. To the very financial future of your family through life insurance. Importantly insurance also applies to another great financial investment: your business.

    As a commercial insurance agency, we can help protect one of your largest and therefore most fragile investments. Our business solutions assure that we can get you the commercial insurance that best suits your business regardless of industry.

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